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Rental Assistance Programs-Who Qualifies And How To Apply

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Approximately 8 million families spent fifty percent of their incomes on utilities and rent before the Covid-19 pandemic. Over the past few months, the pandemic’s economic crisis has intensified the situation. As a result, forty percent of American households are grappling with the loss of wages. Rental assistance is

Best Deals For Seniors-What Every Senior Living On A Budget Should Know

After years of employment, the time comes when you have to retire, and without a salary to rely on, you might have to adapt to frugal living. Still, that does not mean giving up on the finer things in life. If you know where to get them at a

Coronavirus and Seniors-What You Need to Know and How to Protect Yourself

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Coronavirus is a general term used to describe different types of viruses. The coronavirus that we will discuss in this article is the one identified in 2019 with the first outbreak in China. It is officiallly named the COVID-19 virus. Another name you may it hear for it is

Medicare Advantage Plans Easily Explained-What They Are and How They Work

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Government insurance can be a complicated insurance to navigate, but at its simplest form, you have two options. Your first option is to take the standard insurance with Part B and a drug plan. Secondly, you can take an MA plan offered by an outside insurance company who has

Programs That Offer Free and Discounted Medical Supplies to Seniors on a Budget

The skyrocketing cost of anything related to medical needs can be challenging to anyone on a low income budget. However, there a good number of programs and opportunities for seniors on a budget to assist in obtaining needed medical supplies. In this article, we will review some of these